Simple FTP file transfer from command line (wget)

10.februar.2015 | Igor

Sometimes you have a lot of files to transfer and no rsync, only FTP. You don’t want to sit in front of the computer and waiting for files to transfer. If you have access to command line, there is a simple solution on how to transfer all your files through FTP with wget. Once transfer is started you don’t want to close terminal session as you would cancel transfer also. Luckily there is great piece of software named screen. So, you start a new screen session by typing command screen, and run command below. Then you can detach from that screen session with pressing CTRL + A + D. This way file transfer will continue to transfer in background. You can even shut down your computer. When you want to see if all is transfered, you can just attach screen session back with command screen -x.

So in screen, just run this:

wget -m

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